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John and Shirley Barilone are the founders of B.E.S.T. for Safety, Inc. Together they have a passion for teaching others how to stay safe in today's ever-increasingly violent world.  Their dream to start a non-profit organization to teach a Self-Defense Program is now a reality.


Over the years, John and Shirley have served in various levels of Youth Programs; for children in Kindergarten to young adults.  There are also several life experiences that have created the passion within them and inspired them to start this program.


Shirley is a survivor of sexual molestation as a young child.  She also endured years of bullying; not only from her peers but from adults as well.  She has several close friends and family members who have also experienced sexual abuse and bullying. These events have created a deep passion within her to help others.  


John is a retired Physical Education Teacher.  Since he had taken a couple of years of martial arts instruction, he was asked to teach a Self-Defense and Personal Safety course for girls at Rialto High School in California. This class was very rewarding to him as he was able to watch his students transform from timid and shy girls to self-confident and empowered young women.  John later transitioned to an Elementary School for the remainder of his 23-year tenure.  Throughout his career, John witnessed students being mistreated; sometimes on a daily basis.  This has fueled his motivation to teach others to avoid trouble and stay safe.


There is another life event that influenced John and Shirley’s decision to start the BEST program.  They had the privilege of providing a safe place to stay for a friend and her 3 daughters who were escaping from an abusive husband/father. The fear in their eyes when they entered their home was heart-wrenching.  During the months they were with the Barilones, John was able to support the mom as she went through the legal and social systems to obtain the assistance they needed to get them on their feet.  Now, they are ALL doing great! This experience was life-changing, not only for them but for John and Shirley as well.


As a result of these events and experiences, John and Shirley have become even more passionate about training others to be strong, self-confident, and "EMPOWERED".


Shirley has gone through a rigorous self-defense training course in preparation for starting the BEST program.  She couldn't believe how "EMPOWERED" she felt upon completion of that training.  The Barilones want the participants who complete the BEST program to feel the same sense of "EMPOWERMENT".











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